Death penalty: image of Tareq Aziz at the Campidoglio (Rome)

Alemanno: The condemnation is a terrible act


Rome, Nov. 6th (Apcom) - This morning the mayor of Rome participated in the ceremony at piazza Campidoglio where the image of Tareq Aziz was put up next to those of Gilad Shalit and Sakineh.


This morning's initiative, organized by the radicals and the association Hands off Cain, asks for a moratorium on the death penalty to save Tareq Aziz, condemned to death for his crimes and support to the dictatorship of Saddam Hussein in Iraq, from the gallow. "Hands off Cain, Tareq Aziz is Cain. No one becomes the hangman of the State." This is how radical leader Marco Pannella, on a hunger strike for days, wanted to underline the importance of the initiative.


On the other hand the mayor of Rome, Gianni Alemanno, stated: "I believe it would be right to put an order of the day before the Assembly so the image of Aziz can stay, because we want this piazza to be the one in which the great civil battles are being recognized." The mayor forth underlined how "saying no to the death penalty does not mean getting into the virtues of a sentence but to retain as unacceptable that a human being, without defense and thrown in a cell, is murdered by a State. It is an act of cowardice we do not support." In conclusion the first citizen added how an annulment of the sentence "would be an act of pacification for the country".