History of events

19 January 2003 – Pannella launches an appeal Free Iraq: the only alternative to the war

“We ask the international community, particularly the United Nations, to endorse immediately the statements related to the possible exile of Saddam Hussein, which would eliminate the need to go to war for the United States in the first place. This option would have provided the starting point for a political solution to the Iraqi stand-off”, Pannella said.


19 January 2003– Libya willing to welcome Saddam Hussein in exile


20 January 2003- “The United States back the plan for the exile of Saddam Hussein”, The Times


29 January 2003– Minister for Foreign Affairs, Franco Frattini, asserts: “This proposal has progressively lost momentum”


30 January 2003– Bush speaks favorably of the exile option


31 January 2003– According to the British memorandum, Bush would have already made the decision on when to begin the war: 10 March 2003


4 February 2003– Berlusconi: “Either they let the inspector in unfettered, or it has to be exile with immunity”


19 February 2003– Minister Frattini speaks against a parliamentary motion proposing the exile of Saddam


19 February 2003 – The Italian Chamber of Deputies adopts the motion Free Iraq, which demanded the government “to support in every international body, particularly within the UN Security Council, the option to exile the Iraqi dictator and, in line with power conferred by the UN Founding Charter, the institution of a temporary UN-led government to restore the full exercise of the rights and fundamental freedom of all Iraqis”.


22 February 2003– Bush to Aznar that “Gaddafi told Berlusconi that Saddam wants to go”


1 March 2003– Gaddafi disrupts the Arab League meeting of Sharm el-Sheik where the United Arab Emirates (UAE) representatives were supposed to table the document outlining the exile plan as agreed by Saddam Hussein


12 March 2003– 37 personalities, including five former Ministers, sign the appeal Free Iraq


17-18 March 2003– Important rebellion in the Cabinet of Mr. Blair: 4 labour Ministers step down


18 March 2003 – The White House spokesperson states that the American troops and their allies will enter Iraq anyway, no matter how


19 March 2003Bahrain officially offers Saddam Hussein a last-ditch proposal to go into exile


20 March 2003– The bombings on Baghdad start off