Pannella: Wikileaks, in the coming hours we will publish the contents under attack

Declaration by Marco Pannella, on behalf of the Radical Party, nonviolent, transnational and transparty


Following the increasing attacks against the Wikileaks site, its content, its funding and its founder, the Radical Party, with the collaboration of Radicali Italiani and Agorà Digitale, has decided to accept Wikileaks’ appeal and to republish the material under attack.  

The technicians of the Radical Party are already working to upload the pages with digital documents to the websites of the radical galaxy.

The Radical Party is active at the United Nations and throughout the world for the express affirmation of the right to freedom of information and knowledge as an integral part of fundamental human rights. Together with other subjects within the radical galaxy, the Party is committed to the publication of institutional information at all levels (in particular the campaign by Radicali Italiani for the public registry of the elected and the publication of the Chamber of Deputies’ accounts) which often remain unnecessarily inaccessible and hidden from the public opinion.

Although there are differences between Wikileaks’ approach and ours, we believe that not only the freedom of press and information should be guaranteed, but that Wikileaks contributes positively to the reform of somewhat opaque political practices, or of true “double truth”, in the exercising of power even in the so-called “democracies”, which are increasingly corresponding to “Real-democracies” as  “Real-socialism” corresponded to the communist ideals. An example for all: the international lie used by Bush, Blair and Berlusconi to prevent possible peace in Iraq through the exile of Saddam.