The particular motion on the Satyagraha approved by the IX Congress of Radicali Italiani

Particular Motion on the Satyagraha


The Congress of Radicali Italiani


Recognizes  the Great World Satyagraha for Peace, Law and Democracy as an essential momentum in the affermation of the fundamental individual right to democracy as a historically acquired human right, in Italy and around the world, to which Marco Pannella has once again ensured continuous commitment and strength with a hunger strike since October 2nd, enriched by a thirst strike begun on October 26th, with the aim of the application of the Moratorium on the Death Penalty also for the former Vice Prime Minister Tareq Aziz, for Saadun Shaker, former Iraqi Minister for the Interior and Saddams’former personal secretary, Abdel Hamid Hamud.


Expresses its gratitude to the Minister for Foreign Affairs Franco Frattini for his prompt response to the offered initiative of Marco Pannella, ensuring his readiness to meet with President Al Maliki to express the appeal of the Italian Parliament not to bring further grieve to Iraq and the international community by erroniously executing Tareq Aziz and the other members of Saddams’Government  sentenced to hanging with him.


Expresses its gratitude to the more than 150 citizens who adhered to Marco Pannella’s hunger strike, by fasting or reducing their daily pharmaceutical dose. 


Expresses its gratitude to all the Parliamentarians who responded to Marco Pannella’s appeal with an immediate mobilization through the underwriting of the parliamentary motions that were adopted at the Chamber of Deputies and the Senate on the 27th and 28th of October, thereby mandating the Italian Government to urgently intervene against the Iraqi authorities, thus preventing the execution of Tareq Aziz and his co-defendants, in coherence with the extraordinary parliamentary, institutional and public opinions’nonviolent initiative,  which on December 18th, 2007, brought about the historical approval of the Moratorium on the Death Penalty at the General Assembly of the United Nations; and to ask the Iraqi authorities to reintroduce the Moratorium on the Death Penalty established in Iraq after the fall of Saddam Hussein, in order to strengthen the completion of the democratic transition of Iraq in accordance with the principles of a state obeying the rule of law.


Sends out an invitation to all those reached by this communication to become a promotor on the knowledge of the radical struggle for the truth on Iraq by conveying the website


and to continue and expand their support to the ongoing nonviolent radical initiative of Marco Pannella which has the following prioritary objectives: 


Justice and the Italian penitentiary, which represents a direct social, moral and institutional revival of the Holocaust. A formal revival of a truth so horrible it is litteraly blinding, completely blind. It was (and threatens to be) the historical prevailance of a bestial instinct, through murder and suicide, of the human kind. Today, within a new global context, science and conscience tell us we return to live it as an event so incredible, so impossible, a succesful nightmare, from which humanity and the international community can’t seem to wake up.


The quest for knowledge on a tremendous, “incredible”historical truth, hidden and denied in the first place –today –in and from our , “Western”, “Civil”, of “Human Rights”, free world.