Why an inquiry is needed

Marco Pannella has called for the establishment of an inquiry into the involvement of Italy in the war in Iraq.


«I urge the Government and the opposition, but in the first place the highest State authorities, to establish an official inquiry in Italy on the behavior of our country in the prelude to the war in Iraq, as already taken place in the United Kingdom, in the United States and in the Netherlands» - he said in an interview with Radio Radicale.


«Italy – he recalled – has been the only country in which Parliament mandated the Government, which officially accepted, to pursue the objective of a Free Iraq as the only alternative to the war, through the objective of proposing exile to Saddam Hussein and to convince him to accept ».


On February 19th 2003, the Italian Parliament – with the backing of the Government – voted the Radical proposal (345 yes, 38 no, 52 abstained) that committed the Government «to support in all international bodies, of which first and for all the United Nations Security Council, the possibility of exile for the Iraqi dictator and [...] the constitution of a provisional Government charged with the task of securing the full exercise of the fundamental rights and liberties for all Iraqis».